Virtual 360° tours

360° virtual tours, bespoke interactive virtual 360° tours

Interactive 360° tours

Hotspots, videos & co.

An interactive 360° virtual tour gives your clients the opportunity to discover and interact with interactive elements in the virtual tour. This includes “hotspots” that are placed in the tour, for example, to create a direct link to products listed in your online shop. These can be edited with texts, pictures, videos, audio files, slideshows and much more.

Offer your customers virtual, digital solutions

Online shop in the virtual tour

In your hotel, your guests can use the navigation to have a look at the different room types and book the room they like the most directly – and any additional services, too!

Boutiques or shops can also benefit from the feature. This way, you can give your clients the opportunity to click directly on the garment they want, take a look at the information about it, and then add it to the shopping cart – effectively an online shop within a virtual showroom.

360° virtual tours, bespoke interactive virtual 360° tours

Virtual tours are convincing

Hundreds of satisfied customers speak for themselves.


360° tours for hotels

Present your hotel in a virtual tour.

Let guests make their bookings directly in the virtual tour. Whether for a cruise ship, a hotel or a vacation apartment, you will convince your future guests by offering them a virtual tour.

360° virtual tours, bespoke interactive virtual 360° tours

360° showrooms for car dealers

The future of automobile dealerships is virtual. Use a virtual tour to present your dealership and the current models as if the customer were already live on site.


360° tours for industry

Showcase your workshop or production processes. While on the virtual tour, the interested visitor becomes the director himself, can freely navigate the tour and obtain information. A tool that works!

Expert for:


Interactive elements

Menus, room plans, texts, videos, hotspots,…

Virtual shop

Integration of your online store in the 360° tour

Offline Tour

Offline version for VR headsets

Virtual guided tours

Integration of live chats and zoom meetings

360° virtual tours, bespoke interactive virtual 360° tours

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