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360° little planets

360° little planets, 360° little planets

Creating new impulses by 360° little planet photos

Professional 360° little planets

In order to survive on the market, entrepreneurs rely on efficient marketing concepts that always offer their target group something new. Otherwise, interest can quickly be lost. Why not offer your target group something completely different in the field of visual corporate communication?

Use little planet images of your company building or premises to breathe new life into your marketing mix, gain attention and stand out from the competition.

What is meant by little planet images?

Individual little planets

Another component of professional 360° panoramic photography is the little planet, also called tiny world. This is an image processing technique in panoramic photography that creates a distortion from a single photo, area or spherical panorama.

This results in a stereographic projection of the image plane onto a spherical surface which makes the subject look like a small globe, as if the angle of vision is somewhere in space and you are looking at a small planet. Shrunk to a small round area, the ground is framed by the sky.

360° little planets, 360° little planets

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360° little planets, 360° little planets

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