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Drone footage from unusual perspectives

15 years of experience as a drone pilot

If you want to show your customers, business partners and prospects something new and breathtaking, you can create visual highlights with high recognition value by drone photography of your company premises Bird’s eye views present your company building in a completely different and fascinating perspective that is rarely seen in everyday life.

Aerial photographer, Aerial photography

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Safety, brilliant technology, and first-class quality are my top priorities.

EU-wide qualified by the German Federal Aviation Office and certified in the classes A1/A3 and A2 remote pilot certificate, I create as a professional drone photographer in the area of North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony, Germany-wide and worldwide high-quality aerial footage, which is used for image films, video productions, TV productions, documentaries or for the representation of real estate, commercial properties and events.

As a member of the Bundesverband Copter Piloten e. V. I attach great importance to the safety aspect and fly only after obtaining official permission and in weather conditions that allow a drone flight.


Which quality should it be?

DJI Matrice 600 Pro, Mavic 2 Pro or Phantom 4

My technical equipment includes drones from DJI, the leader in drone technology, such as the Matrice 600 Pro, which in combination with the latest mirrorless cameras from Canon, Nikon and Sony, produces 50 MP images of the highest quality, the Inspire 2, Phantom 4 RTK and the Mavic 2 Pro with Hasselblad sensor. Depending on your needs and requirements, I deliver high-quality photos in 20 or 50 megapixels and impressive videos in full HD, 4K or 8K of your business that will make you stand out from the competition.

Aerial photographer, Aerial photography
Aerial photographer, Aerial photography

360° drone panoramic photos

High-quality 360° panoramic photos and videos from the air allow an all-round view of your object and the surrounding area. Hotels benefit from 360° aerial images, as potential guests can inform themselves in advance about the dreamlike area of their desired destination, thus increasing their willingness to book.

For all companies that want to show something more, 360° aerial panoramas and videos are an indispensable element in marketing and the perfect complement to the 360° virtual company tour, which could start with an aerial photo as the starting image in the 360° little planet.


High tripod photography from up to 6 meters height

There are situations where drone and aerial photography from a helicopter cannot be realized. In such cases, I use a high tripod that can be individually adjusted up to a height of six meters and in this way delivers magnificent footage from imposing perspectives.

If you want to go even higher, it is also possible to take pictures from the helicopter using an SLR camera. The prescribed flight altitude is significantly higher than for drones and varies from region to region.
The entire preparation and organization of such a shoot is far more elaborate and extensive than with drone photography. That’s why aerial photography from a helicopter has its price.
From the preparation to the production and delivery of the 360° images, I will be at your side. I also take care of the necessary obtaining of official permits as well as the provision of the helicopter and the pilot.

Do you have a concrete project or an idea in mind regarding aerial photography? Pick up the phone and let’s work together to find the right implementation option for your needs.

Aerial photographer, Aerial photography
Aerial photographer, Aerial photography

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