Event photography

Event photography,eventphotography,event photographer, Event photography

Unique corporate event photography

Every event is a special experience in its own way – both for the participants and for the organizer. Professional photos that capture the atmosphere and people’s emotions for eternity are an essential part of any event. As an experienced event photographer, I will accompany your event and create authentic and stylish event photos that you can use for marketing and PR efforts, as social media content or for your website to attract attention. I know what it takes to let every participant of the event look good in the photos.

Feel free to book me for corporate events of all kinds: open house, occupational safety day, in-house exhibition, trade fair, PR event, product presentation, congress, conference or anniversary – thanks to state-of-the-art camera technology and my trained eye for special moments and situations, you will receive expressive event images of the highest quality from me.

Event photography,eventphotography,event photographer, Event photography

Concert photography​


You are a concert organizer or artist and need stunning impressions of your next concert? My goal is to express the energy spread at a musical event through my images and create unforgettable memories.

Structured planning to run a smooth process

To ensure that you get exactly the kind of photos you want, we discuss in advance what is important to you in the event documentation and how I can best accompany your event photographically. Are the participants / guests / speakers the center of attention? Would you like to have the event location with its extravagant decoration elements recorded photographically? What imagery is decisive for you? It is important to discuss these and similar points in advance in order to achieve unique image results that will inspire you.

Event photography,eventphotography,event photographer, Event photography

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