Professional videos for your company

Video producer

Do you appreciate outstanding quality, customized and goal-oriented consulting and holistic project monitoring? These are exactly the criteria that are of central importance when it comes to the professional creation of your corporate video. With imagination, creativity and the latest film technology, I produce outstanding video content for your target audience that takes your video marketing to a new level.

It’s about presenting your project authentically and convincingly, drawing attention to your company and making viewers curious about your brand, products or services. In a mutual dialogue with you, we discuss your target group and what purpose the video should serve. In addition to the concept, project development and storyboard, I also handle the video shoot, post-production and publishing.


Corporate videos

To perfectly showcase your corporate image and thereby reach your target audience, you will succeed by publishing a professional corporate video. With the help of this highly efficient and meaningful advertising medium, I visualize your message.

Product videos

The focus here is on your products and their successful marketing. I promotionally put product features and specialties in the spotlight. This increases the willingness to buy and allows customers to make quicker purchase decisions.

Recruiting videos

Information regarding your corporate culture, your requirements for the applicant and his or her chances of advancement are compactly summarized in your professionally created recruiting video. This makes the search for suitable employees a breeze.


I document interlocking courses of action or work processes in your company in one or, depending on the effort, in several short videos. Especially when dealing with complex topics, this type of technical documentation is the most useful solution.

Explainer videos

Some products or services necessitate to explain them to outsiders in more detail. This is where explainer videos are used which present complex content in a clear and understandable way.

360° video production

I provide informative and entertaining content as 360° videos up to 11K quality. Impress your fans and followers on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram and let them immerse themselves in your story.

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