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Real estate photos for business

Which property do you think will sell or rent faster? The single-family home with the amateurish-looking, poorly exposed photos or the one with the professional, perfectly illuminated shots of a real estate photographer? You know the answer.

Before prospective buyers take the time to read through the exposé of a property, they look at the associated photos, usually even just the cover picture – for a few seconds. If this cannot convince straight away the probability that potential buyers will look further into this property is very low. That’s why high-resolution photography and videos are so essential to a successful sale or rental in the real estate industry.

Architectural photography, 360° panoramic images & virtual tours

As your professional real estate photographer, I know what matters in real estate photography. You will be provided with first-class and sales-promoting photo and video footage with which you can increase the value of your house, apartment or office and commercial property. Whether classic architectural photos of the interior and exterior, 360° panoramic photos and videos or virtual 360° tours – by means of the latest camera technology and professional know-how, I perfectly set the scene for your property.

Spectacular aerial shots by drone or high tripod – also in panoramic format

Provide additional visual information to potential buyers and renters. Let them take a look from above at their dream property, the lot and the surrounding area. High quality drone photos and videos will make your object special. The 360° view gives prospective customers an even more real impression. As a result, you will need to schedule fewer viewings and achieve a quick, successful sell or renting. I will gladly organize the necessary ascent permit which will be issued by the aviation authority in Düsseldorf. Of course, the owner of the land must also give his consent.

Alternatively, images are possible using a high tripod. The maximum individually adjustable height is six meters and, like the drone shots, creates impressive imagery from breathtaking perspectives.

Who benefits from real estate photography?

Not only house or apartment owners who are thinking about selling or renting need professional imagery for a successful transaction. Real estate agents will also achieve more lucrative deals if they focus on a first-class presentation of their properties. In addition, real estate photography is used for construction documentation to capture the construction progress of a property – interesting for architects, developers and landscapers. Furthermore, real estate photography plays a major role for banks when it comes to valuing a property.

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