360° product photography

360° product photography

360° product images turn your online store into a real showroom

As a professional photographer and certified Cappasity Service Partner I produce 3D – 360° product photography for online shops. I perfectly stage your products and create unique 3D content that is tailored to your target group and arouses buying interest. To get perfect image results, I only use high-end equipment. Depending on the object size, different sized turntables are used. Starting with a size of about 2 cm, objects of larger dimensions (about 60 cm) also come in front of my lens. The images are taken on one axis and depending on the product 24 – 240 images are created.

The 360° images are optimized for all browsers and end devices such as desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. Of course I can create cut out product photos for you, which can be easily integrated into your website or online store with an iFrame.

Modern presentation in 360°

Virtual shopping tours in VR and AR make your products more alive

Professionally created 360° product images convey detailed information about your product range to your target group. Just as with you on site, the customer can look at the product from all sides down to the smallest detail and convince himself of its quality. This way you can positively influence the buying behavior of your target group and boost your sales.

As an optional extension and in order to be able to imagine the wristwatch, shoe or decorative cushion even better, your customers have the option of placing the item in 3D format as an augmented reality hologram in their real environment.

Outpace the competition and make it easier for your target group to choose what to buy!

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