Google Street View Trusted Photographer

Google Street View Trusted Photographer , Google Street View Trusted

360° tours for Google Maps

Due to a virtual Google Maps Street View | Trusted panoramic tour your company will be found better. Whether it is in Google Search, Google Maps or on your website, show that you are unique all around. With a 360° panoramic tour for those who want to get to know your offer better.

Studies by Google prove that a virtual tour attracts up to 25 % more visitors to shops and increases click-through rates by up to 50 %.

Google Maps Street View Trusted

High quality 360° photography

Perfect 360° photos in 14K resolution and HDR shots for optimal lighting conditions.

Google certified since 2014

Since the beginning of Google Maps Business View in Germany I am listed as a freelance photographer on Google.

How about retouching?

I create the imagery my clients ask for! In doing so, I exhaust all possibilities in Photoshop.


To present your company in the best light, I’m ready to get up early or come late to the appointment. The perfect light is the essential thing for a perfect photo shoot.

Google Street View Trusted Photographer , Google Street View Trusted
360° tour on Google Maps

The advantages of a 360° tour for Google

Google MyBusiness

Publication of the 360° tour on your Google MyBusiness profile.

Google Maps & Street View

More visibility of your business due to 360° photos in Google Maps.

Website integration

Easy integration of the 360° tour on your website using an iFrame.

One-time investment

You pay only for the creation of the images. Hosting at Google is free of charge.

360° tour for every website

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Is a virtual tour worth it?

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Put your business virtually on Google Maps!

Google Street View Trusted Photographer , Google Street View Trusted

Frequently asked questions

And the right answers

A 360° tour is sector-independent and suitable for any type of company.

If you provide information about your services and products on the Internet, high-quality and eye-catching photos of your company are a must for your website. In this way, prospects can get a comprehensive idea of your offices, sales areas or showrooms.

A 360° tour on Google Maps improves the visibility and findability of your company. This will increase your attention and the chance to attract new customers. Your prospective customers can virtually navigate through your business premises with just a few clicks. They have the feeling of being right in the middle of them due to the authentic 360° images.

·By integrating your 360° tour from Google Maps into your website, it is significantly enhanced and sets itself apart from the websites of your competitors who have not embedded a virtual tour. The length of time visitors spend on your website increases which in turn has a positive effect on your ranking on Google.

·360° corporate presentation on the internet round-the-clock

·improved visibility and findability on Google Maps

·more traffic to your website → more customers in your store

·more reach by publishing single panoramic photos on Facebook

·transparent presentation of your company strengthens trust

·photos can be updated at any time if necessary

·individual extension by interactive elements with the help of the Tour Extender

·high quality photos for marketing activities

·one-time investment

The price of a virtual tour depends on the size of your company and the desired quality of the images. Individual post-processing and retouching are possible for an additional charge. Contact me and you will receive an individual offer.

When the Google Business Photos program was launched in Germany in 2013, it was mandatory for all photographers to go through a certain certification process from Google. Thus, certain standards were guaranteed in terms of quality and professionalism of the images.

In the meantime, Google has relaxed the requirements and no longer carries out the certification process. I am convinced that I can only score by offering quality. That’s why my panoramic images go far beyond the usual standard quality requirements of Google.

I have developed a special workflow to get the most out of the panoramic photos. The maximum resolution for Google Maps is 14,000 x 7,000 pixels. On request I create 360° panoramic photos in highest quality with a resolution more than 500 MP (34,000 x 17,000 pixels at 300 DPI).

I take all photos with full-frame cameras and high-quality lenses for maximum sharpness and quality in manual mode and create multiple HDR exposures per image to achieve realistic results even in irregular lighting conditions.

For an additional charge, I will remove the tripod legs and shadows in the panoramas on request and create a clean retouch of the ground (nadir retouch) without the usual Google typical pixelations on the ground. If necessary, I will of course retouch any other things that are relevant to you. That’s what I understand by quality.

A high dynamic range image (HDRI, HDR image, “high dynamic range image”) or high contrast image is a digital image that reproduces large differences in brightness in rich detail. For this purpose, several images in different exposures are merged into one image in order to show all details perfectly.


The difference is only in the name. At the launch of virtual tours of companies in 2012 in the US, the term was Google Photos for Business. In 2013, it became Google Maps Business View or Google View for short. Since 2014, the program officially belongs to Google Street View. Photographers working for Google are listed as “Google Street View Trusted Photographers“. The technology behind Google Street View Trusted offers companies the opportunity to present their premises in 360° view on the web. Via mouse click the viewers get a wide idea of what to expect and of how the respective company looks like – as they already know it from Google.

Get things in order before the appointment. Please keep in mind that the photos should still reflect reality.

·Exterior view: Is there trash on the sidewalk? Please sweep!

·Are all the lights on in the store? Replace defective lamps in advance.

·Have the windows been cleaned? The difference is definitely visible in 360° photos.

·Are all shelves filled with goods? You can see every gap!

·Is the decoration appropriate and neutral? Please put promotional items or Christmas decorations into storage for a short time.

·Are the shelves dust-free? Due to the high resolution, you can see every grain of dust.

·Inform employees and customers! At best, the company is photographed without people.

·You want a tour with extras? We will send you a model release contract in advance.

·Is the floor clean? This saves time and money in retouching.

·Are the paths clear or is there still anything unnecessary standing around somewhere? Remove it.

During the photo shooting, only the required areas will be photographed. In the event of images depicting people and motor vehicles, the faces and license plates are blurred using the latest image processing technology. If you are concerned about security, I will gladly retouch the security cameras in your premises upon request. You too can contribute to data protection compliance by informing your employees, customers and suppliers who are inside your company during the time of shooting in advance.

You need a Google My Business account for the integration of the 360° tour. You do not have a Google My Business account yet or you are not sure? I will be happy to help you.

Of course, your Street View tour can be updated at any time. If you own a fashion store, I will be happy to create a virtual tour depending on the season to keep your store up to date. Just contact me and we will arrange a new appointment.

Your virtual tour is embedded in your Google My Business account as well as in Google Maps and can be viewed using a desktop PC, tablet or smartphone. If you additionally integrate your panoramic tour on your website your visiting times will increase there.



Certified since 2014

Since then I have published more than 20000 panoramic photos.

Working worldwide

I work for my customers in Germany, Europe and worldwide.


Awarded several times by Google as one of the best photographers.

Awarded by Google

Google Street View Trusted Photographer , Google Street View Trusted

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