Google Street View at Arkadenhaus in Papenburg

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Virtual tour at Hotel Arkadenhaus

The virtual 360° panoramic tour sends the viewer on an interactive exploration and provides detailed insights into Arkadenhaus. To achieve optimal image results, I post-processed every single panoramic image individually. By means of Tour Extender, the tour is provided with a menu through which you can navigate as you like. Whether lobby, reception, restaurant or double room – all areas of the hotel can be reached and viewed quickly and easily.

Sf8 8100 hdr

Hotel photographer at Arkadenhaus

For Arkadenhaus in Papenburg, I captured a wide variety of images from different areas of photography. The scenery around the hotel is predestined for impressive exterior shots and architectural photos of the hotel facade. The lighting conditions at the blue hour or with a cloudless sky during the day create a breathtaking image atmosphere.

Sebastian fiebak fotograf

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