360° video production

11K 3d+ 360° VIDEO

360° videos for interactive, immersive experiences

Boost your corporate communications by interactive 360° videos

Immersive 360° videos are among the most consumed and shared content on social media. Compared to other types of contributions, almost all of the viewer’s senses are addressed here. The 360° experience feels extremely real to him. Using virtual reality glasses enhances the feeling of complete immersion. The VR user assumes the role of the cameraman. He himself makes the decision from which perspectives he wants to look at the situation that is intuitively burned into his memory.

360° video production, 360° video production

Application examples in 360° video production

360° video production, 360° video production

Fascinating image videos, sales-promoting product videos, helpful explainer videos, authentic documentaries, convincing recruiting videos – all categories of 360° video production are useful for your corporate communication and related marketing and advertising campaigns. On Facebook, YouTube or your website, you can capture the attention of your target audience by providing informative and entertaining content in 11K quality. Visual communication brings your message to life, creating an emotional connection between your company and your potential customers.

11K 3d+ 360° VIDEO

VR videos

When it comes to recruiting suitable specialist personnel or learning complex work steps in industry, 360° videos embody the perfect medium in communication. New employees are given an easier introduction to their future area of work. 360° videos are also ideal for special trainings and workshops.

For trade fair visitors, 360° videos are a real attraction. With a virtual reality headset, your prospects can view your image video, individual company departments or production processes on their own and interactively directly at your trade fair stand.

360° video production, 360° video production

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