VR / AR e-learning

Virtual tours in e-learning

Initial training of new employees by virtual 360° tour

Working in Human Resource Management in your company, you have just hired a new employee who will start his new job next month. How do you ensure that your new team member familiarizes himself quickly and fully with his new area of responsibility and is 100 % fit for his new job within the shortest possible time? Virtual 360° tours help to acquire all the necessary knowledge virtually and in a playful way. By creating a virtual twin of your company or 360° simulations of individual work areas, the user can immersively delve into it and build their skills without interrupting real day-to-day business and actual workflows.
Virtual reality production
Quiz elearning

Using quizzes to open up learning content in a playful way

Send your employees on a virtual excursion with clickable info hotspots as well as simulations and ask them about specific topics. A variety of questions can be integrated in the 360° virtual tour in the form of quiz cards at any point. This question set consisting of closed, open or multiple choice questions can include all types of media such as photos, videos, 360° videos, panoramas or 3D models. Depending on his answer, the user is directed to a window that hides a video explaining why his answer was right or wrong.
360° e-learning

VR as an e-learning tool for further education

Virtual reality (VR) or 360° technologies are used for further vocational training in many industries. Not only exploratory learning and training simulations, but also plant tours are implemented using VR technology. E-learning in the form of virtual guessing or brain games is much more realistic and ultimately more memorable than passive PowerPoint presentations. Virtual 360° tours appeal to the senses, emotions and cognitive functions of the brain, tapping into the most powerful aspects of employee engagement. They function as a canvas for immersive, interactive and lifelike training sessions with content that stays in mind. From production to customer service, virtual 360° tours are used as learning materials. They ensure a trouble-free process, are more scalable than on-site training, safer and have a positive impact on your corporate profit. VR is among the most powerful learning technologies and offers great benefits to your learning strategy. This enables a learning experience that is purposeful, effective, and entertaining at the same time.
Virtual reality
Quiz elearning

Performance measurement based on a point system

In addition, each training participant is connected to a point system. For each correct answer points are added to it, for each wrong one points are deducted. At the end of each training session, he sees his achieved score on an evaluation screen which he can download as a cvs.file or send directly to your LMS system (Learning Management System).
360° e-learning

Use of virtual trainings possible without VR glasses

You might assume that the use of such 360° training content would require the purchase of VR headsets. But this is not the case. VR trainings can also be carried out via desktop computer. More than 90 % of employees do virtual trainings on existing training devices and systems. Virtual 360° tours only need to be created once and are compatible with almost any device such as Mac, Windows, desktop computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet (iOs & Android). The Meta Quest or Pico Neo 2 or 3 is particularly suitable for use with a VR headset.

VR hosting

High performance hosting

Managed virtual tour hosting

Lean back and benefit from our comprehensive service in terms of hosting. Your 360° virtual tour is password protected and hosted on a high performance server with fast loading times – for a flawless 360° experience without judder. We are responsible for maintenance and regularly implement all necessary security updates. Additional options such as Advanced Analytics, Heatmaps, Notes and guided 360° tours can be added at extra cost.
Virtual reality production

Advanced Analytics

With the help of this tool, you can track, document and analyze your traffic quite thoroughly. You get information about who spends the longest time where in the 360° tour.


This tells you which area or element is viewed the most in the virtual tour. In turn, it is also possible to determine what is largely overlooked by visitors and should ideally be placed elsewhere.


Both you and your tour visitors can leave notes in the virtual tour. This interaction option involves users even more and lets them become active.

Guided 360° tour

Take your visitors by the hand and guide them through your 360° tour via video conference. You can choose between three different modes. All microphones and webcams are on, only your microphone is on, or all microphones and webcams are off, guiding visitors through the tour in silent mode. 

Inhouse hosting

As the name suggests, the 360° tour is hosted on your own server. Features such as analytics, heatmaps, notes and guided tours as with managed virtual tour hosting are not possible here and cannot be upgraded.

Offline use

To use virtual 360° tours as learning materials, an internet connection is not necessary. They can be viewed completely offline while complying with all confidentiality requirements.
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