Google Street View for medical practices & clinics

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Google Street View for medical practices & clinics,Google Street View for doctors, Google Street View for medical practices & clinics

Google Street View for doctors

Google Street View for doctors’ offices & clinics breaks the ice. Hardly anyone likes to go to the doctor, even if a visit sometimes cannot be avoided. This makes it all the more important for many patients to know that they are in good hands and feel comfortable in a doctor’s office. Not only the know-how of the doctor and the staff, but also the atmosphere and ambience in the doctor’s office are decisive for whether a patient chooses your practice or goes to another one.

A virtual 360° panoramic tour gives people an impression of your practice premises and thus, in a way, takes away their fear of visiting the doctor. This is because they can get a concrete idea in advance of what to expect in the practice, apart from the treatment itself. Allow your patients to take an interactive, virtual look at the interior of your practice, giving them a chance to learn about it. Whether you have a dental office, ophthalmology office, or general practice, any type of medical office, clinic or medical lab will benefit from a 360° virtual panoramic tour on Google Maps. Show people the modern design of your practice.

A virtual panoramic tour presents your practice however you would like it to be – authentically, invitingly and patient-oriented. Including your tour in Google Maps and in your Google account will improve the visibility and findability of your medical practice on the web. Your practice will be found more easily and will stand out from other medical practices without an appealing virtual tour. Patients looking for a new doctor for them on the Internet are more likely to shortlist the practice that presents itself with professional and great photos. Transparency builds trust.

In addition, your interactive panoramic tour is easy to embed on your website. On the one hand, this will generate more traffic. On the other hand, the time each individual visitor spends on your website will increase significantly. You can see and evaluate the changes in statistics of Google Analytics. Of course, individual panoramic photos from the 360° tour can be uploaded to social networks such as Facebook. This in turn increases your reach.

If something should ever change visually in your practice, whether due to renovation work or because you have purchased new medical equipment we can photograph the new areas in 360° at any time and add them to your existing panoramic tour. This way, you can always present your patients an updated tour of your practice.

Transparency and frankness create trust

Google Street View for medical practices & clinics,Google Street View for doctors, Google Street View for medical practices & clinics

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