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Virtual tour for hotels

Google Street View for hotels allows potential guests to take a virtual look around your hotel before a real visit. The Best Western Hotel Group, for example, has had all 2200 hotels in North America photographed by virtual 360° tours – with success.

By integrating the Street View Tour into your MyBusiness account, we put the virtual tour where people are looking for you: in Google Search and Google Maps.

First impressions don’t get a second chance. Rely on expressive photos and virtual tours with perfect lighting conditions created by the Google Street View | Trusted photographer Sebastian Fiebak.

High quality business photos for your hotel

High quality photos combined with Google Street View Trusted for hotels significantly increases visibility on Google. Both via Google search, on Google Maps and in the Street View app, the virtual 360° tour is displayed immediately and visible to the customer at first glance. Whether business hotel, wellness hotel or boutique hotel, this presence ultimately leads Google Street View Trusted for Hotels to success: another booked hotel room. 

Users who have viewed a virtual tour are twice as likely to book a room afterwards.

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