Building site documentation


I document your construction site in photos and videos

As a specialist for innovative construction documentation, I provide you with my know-how and experience in the field of construction site photography in the Aachen area, throughout Germany and Europe. Whether it’s a new building, an extension or a renovation – equipped with the latest camera technology, I photographically capture the individual construction processes of your property. The result is professionally produced photo, video and aerial footage for your individual construction documentation, documenting all crucial construction progresses.

Construction site documentation, Construction site documentation

Impressive images from the ground perspective

You will obtain from me first-class wide-angle and detail shots of your construction project from the ground perspective. This image material can be used for your construction documentation as well as for your professional external presentation.

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Drone footage

I usually use a drone for the high resolution aerial shots. The photographic possibilities offered by drone use are gigantic. A drone can be used to take photos and videos from unusual and often hard-to-reach angles. Both small and large construction projects can be staged in detail from all perspectives which would otherwise only be possible with the help of a crane or helicopter. I am a certified drone pilot in classes A1/A3 and A2 and perform regular maintenance flights upon request. This ensures the continuous documentation of your construction.

Construction site documentation, Construction site documentation
Construction site documentation, Construction site documentation

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